Formatting Your Submissions for Anthologies

If you are sending in a submission for an anthology, here at Melusine Muse Press, we have very specific requirements for how you send it.

If you e-mail it to us using a program that uses no formatting, then you can ignore some of this, but if you are sending us your submission using a Word document, then here are some steps you can take that will make it easier for us, if we decide to use your story, to format it correctly within the anthology.

Try and keep formatting to a minimum. In fact, the only extra formatting you should have is when you need part of the story in italics. The basic formatting should be as follows:

  • Font: Times New Roman - 12
  • Line spacing - 1.0
  • No indents at beginnings of paragraphs (I do that later and all at once)
  • A space at the end of each paragraph (I remove it later)
  • Title and author name should be included in the name of the file ONLY
  • Only ONE space after a full-stop.

Sticking to this should help immensely, and it will increase the chances of your submission being accepted.

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