Monday 3 August 2015

Idea-generating for the Fae World anthology series #FaeWorld

Do you plan on submitting some stories for the Fae World anthology series? You can refer to the post about the Fae World for more information on the world you will be setting your story in and you can refer to the submission page to find out more about the rules for submissions for this anthology series.
From Pinterest board
You might be finding it difficult to come up with an original idea for your story. To help generate ideas, there is a wonderful Pinterest board, full of fantastical creatures and magical images, for you to peruse.

From the Pinterest board

Formatting your submission

Now taking submissions for the Fae World anthology series

About the Fae World and its four courts for the Fae World anthology series

Pinterest: Magical Realm: Faeries, Elves, Unicorns and more

Quick visual anthology of some mythical creatures