About the Editors

Rebecca Fyfe, an author with stories in several anthologies and collections, is a mother of seven children and, having lost over 145 lbs. of excess weight, blogs about health and fitness at www.skinnydreaming.com. Because of her love for reading, she graduated with a degree in English Literature. She is a Californian who married an Englishman and now resides in Great Britain. Rebecca created and runs the Chapter Book Challenge which runs every March, and, when not writing short stories or children’s stories, she’s busy creating urban fantasy novels, full of her own special blend of magic. She gets her inspiration from her five daughters and two sons. She is the founder of Melusine Muse Press and owns several on-line gift shops, one of which can be found at www.moondusters.com. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and through her author blog. She also has an Amazon author page.


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